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McKenzie Towne Council

About MTC

McKenzie Towne Council owns, maintains, and manages common amenities and features in the community. It is a private, not-for-profit Residents' Association that sets the desired course for the McKenzie Towne Hall and other shared amenities, to ensure their long-term stability. This assures that McKenzie Towne residents will continue to enjoy superior and unique amenities.

This 1,300-acre community was developed in 1995 with a different concept from other communities in mind. Most of the amenities owned by the Council were strategically placed throughout the community by the community developer.


McKenzie Towne Council is responsible for the upkeep and repair of various amenities located within the boundaries of McKenzie Towne. Many of these amenities are owned by MTC but are located in city parks. This includes the area south of 130th Avenue (not including the pathway between the 130th Avenue businesses and McKenzie Towne) to Highway #22x and Deerfoot to 52nd Street.

The major amenities are the Towne Hall; Prestwick Common (structures, splash park, fountain/fire pit); Elgin Hill (the “Ruins”) and toboggan run; Inverness Square (gazebo); the Clock Tower and Clock; Promenade Park (picnic shelter, flags, lighting) and the hockey rink location. There are numerous other amenities located in smaller parks as well.

Mission Statement

MTC is a steward of the community, MTC enhances and maintains physical amenities while actively promoting collaborative participation amongst residents in an inclusive environment.

Vision Statement

To be Calgary's finest community where people live, work and play.


  • Fiscally responsible stewardship.

  • Promote a positive and inclusive experience.

  • Progressively maintain a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.

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