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Seasonal Maintenance

Enhanced Landscape Maintenance (ELM) Agreement

McKenzie Towne Council obtained the Enhanced Landscape Maintenance agreement from the City of Calgary to maintain the interior of all public parks within the boundaries of McKenzie Towne. McKenzie Towne Council augments this contract with a portion of your fees in order to maintain a variety of community aesthetics.

Under this agreement, we are responsible for:
  • Aerating

  • Fertilizing the parks and medians

  • Cutting and manicuring the grass weekly

  • Maintaining shrub/tree beds and flower displays

  • Maintaining a neat and clean environment throughout the parks 

Did you know that … there are approximately 110 acres of parks in the community and over 200 tree and shrub beds?

Seasonal Maintenance


  • 135 acres of grass cutting every week.

  • Over 200 shrub/tree beds weeded and maintained weekly

  • Weather depending, Opening May long weekend until September long weekend, we proudly maintain the Prestwick Common water fountain and kids' splash park to ensure a summer of fun

Click below for a map of the MTC Contractual Agreement with the City of Calgary regarding lawn and maintenance. Submit a Service Request for anything within MTC's purview, or contact 311 for all other matters.


  • Within 48 hours of snowfall, snow and ice on 16.5 Km's of pathways are cleared and checked for slip hazards daily, above, is what the City does as well.

  • Natural ice-making in the winter at the Prestwick Common and McKenzie Towne outdoor hockey rink provides a fun and exciting environment for people of all ages to enjoy

130th pathway: (pathway running East/West between 130th & McKenzie Towne) The City of Calgary is responsible for clearing snow along the East-West pathway, immediately south of 130th Avenue SE, from 52nd St SE to Deerfoot. The North part of the pathway, above the T-intersection, is not maintained by the City or MTC.

For any issues regarding this pathway please contact 311 

Shoveling Sidewalks

From the City of Calgary - Clearing Snow and Ice from Sidewalks

Clear and safe sidewalks are essential for many Calgarians, especially those with disabilities, older adults, and children who walk to and from school. Under the Street Bylaw 20M88, the owner(s) and/or occupant(s) of private property are required to clear snow and ice from sidewalks in the front or to the side of their property within 24 hours of a snowfall. If the sidewalk is not cleared within that time, The City may have the snow and ice removed from the sidewalk at the property owner’s expense. If you own a rental property, you are responsible for ensuring that adjacent sidewalks and pathways are cleared.

Snow Angels

Keeping sidewalks shoveled, ice-free, and safe can be very challenging for older adults and other Calgarians who have limited mobility. The Snow Angels campaign encourages citizens to clear snow and ice from the sidewalks of their neighbours who may be unable to do it themselves. Watch for people in your neighbourhood who could use help removing snow and ice and lend them a hand.

For more information please visit

Tips for Shovelling Snow & Ice

  • Stretch before you begin to shovel.

  • Keep warm and wear layered clothing.

  • Use an ergonomically shaped snow shovel to help reduce back pain and make shoveling easier.

  • Space your hands on the shovel to increase leverage.

  • Lift with your knees, not your back.

  • Clearing snow soon after it falls can prevent snow and ice from building up on your sidewalk.

  • After removing the snow, you can apply road salt/de-icer wherever necessary. This makes it easier for pedestrians to walk past your house.

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