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Who We Are

We are a licensed childcare, approved by the Alberta Government. Our dedicated staff have Early Childhood Education credentials and valid First Aid certificates. The program is held within the McKenzie Towne Hall.



MTC Childcare hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Monthly Childcare Fees

Age Group
Type of Enrollment
Resident Cost
Non-Resident Cost
3 to 5+ years
Full Time



3 to 5+ years
Part Time (3 Days)



3 to 5+ years
Part Time (2 Days)



19 to 35 months
Full Time



19 to 35 months
Part Time (3 Days)


19 to 35 months
Part Time (2 Days)



A registration fee of $50 per child is required at the time of the enrollment.

We accept registration of families who receive subsidy for childcare. For this, parents need to provide MTC Childcare with an approval letter from the Government of Alberta stating the amount they have been approved for.

MTC Childcare follows a “Bagged Lunch Policy” where parents prepare their child’s lunch and snacks from home and send them with the children. 

MTC Childcare is a peanut-free program that requires parents to pack snacks and lunches that are peanut-free

to protect those children who have allergies.

MTC Childcare includes:
  • a safe, nurturing and clean environment for children and their families

  • qualified caregivers who are committed to fostering growth and development in children

  • enjoyable and appropriate daily activities to each child’s developmental stage

  • a low child-to-teacher ratio and small group sizes

  • open communication with the parents

  • respect

  • reliability

  • knowledgeability

  • daily access to our gymnasium and our outdoor play area

*Due to popularity, we are currently only accepting a waitlist for residents of McKenzie Towne 

Ready to Enroll?

Call us at 403-781-6612 ext. 2
or email
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