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Fraud Prevention Resources

How to Protect Yourself & Loved Ones from Online Scams

Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms

It is a sad reality that Canadians lose millions of dollars to scammers online, through email, or over the phone. The City of Calgary and the BBB offer various resources to help keep our residents safe, and prevent people to falling victim to these scams. Read the articles below to help educate yourself and your loved ones on these preventative measures.

If you have fallen for a scam, please do not be embarassed. Consider telling a trusted friend or family member, and report the crime to local authorities to prevent anyone else from being scammed. 

City of Calgary Resources

Report an Online Crime
Protecting Children Online
Senior-Targeted Fraud
Identity Crime
Mobile Device Safety
Strong Passwords

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Research a Business
File a Complaint
5 Step Approach to Cybersecurity
How to Recognize AI
Photos & Videos
How to Spot & Avoid
Identity Theft
Potential Risks With ChatGPT & Scamming
How to Avoid Artificial Intelligence (AI) Scams
Contactless Payment Scams to Watch Out For

Relevant Videos

CPS: Fraud Prevention Month Launches in Alberta
Senior Scams and Frauds: Protection & Prevention
CTV News: Canadian Grandma Outsmarts Fraudsters
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